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All Because of Camp

Once upon a time, an 18 year old girl traveled across the world for an adventure that would end up changing her life. She decided to spend her summer as a camp counselor in America and chance would have it that she ended up in northern Michigan. This was her first time away from home in New Zealand and the homesickness made her wonder why she ever left.

The first week of camp, she met a tall, blonde American who was the life of the party. He was loud and fun, and couldn’t resist wanting to get to know her more. The two of them became inseparable and once summer camp ended, they dated long-distance for years to come.

He proposed to her at camp where it all started and they got married in her nana’s garden in New Zealand. He became a doctor, she became a nurse, and they lived throughout the midwest before settling down in Utah. They now have two adorable children and the biggest white lab you’ve ever seen. They still return to camp every summer and although she's still homesick, she no longer wonders why she ever left.


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